Mis à jour le 18.06.2019

Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man : the Boyne to Brodgar initiative

Icône actu internationale Alison Sheridan (National Museums Scotland) et Gabriel Cooney (University College Dublin) ont autorisé le site Prehistoric Scotland à publier la substance d’un article intitulé « The Boyne to Brodgar initiative: understanding – and preserving, presenting and raising awareness of – Neolithic monuments and the people who built and used them in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man » qui paraîtra dans le volume du printemps 2016 de The Journal of Irish Archaeology.

Cinq thèmes stimulants qui intéresseront tous les chercheurs passionnés par les mégalithes ont été abordés dans ce texte :

  • 1: the beginnings of Neolithic monumentality.
  • 2: regional trajectories (and inter-regional connections).
  • 3: late fourth and early third millennium developments linked to inter-regional and long-distance contacts.
  • 4: Late Neolithic monumentality and the impact of the appearance of novel Continental practices around the 25th century.
  • 5: the builders and users of Neolithic monuments, the cultural and physical environment in which the monuments were built, and the meaning of the monuments.